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Jeddah Saudi Arabia has sent out important directions for people that they must have their Nusuk hajj login cards with them who are coming from other countries to do Hajj.

According to the Saudi Ministry of Hajj 2024 and Umrah, Nusuk cards will be distributed to foreign pilgrims, and Nusuk cards will supply travelers with Hajj missions. It will be unlawful to undertake Hajj without a Nusuk card.

Nusuk hajj login card

Nusuk hajj login card

According to Saudi authorities, entering Mecca without a Hajj permit is also illegal, and security troops have been posted around the Haram. The Saudi government says that people who enter Mecca illegally will be fined a lot of money. and they will also have to go to jail. Don’t forget that because of Hajj, Saudi Arabia stopped all types of visit cards a few days ago. 

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